Thursday, July 7, 2011

Planting & Cooking

One of our Non-Vegetarian meals
We are finally settled all in our new place. We have gotten used to our surroundings and they people in our new neighborhood are very nice. We have been cooking a lot of vegetarian dinners and we have gotten pretty creative. Here I made a salmon burger on a sprouted wheat bun, couscous, and a white bean and spinach salad. We have been eating vegetarian during the week and then some meat on the weekends and we feel a huge difference in our health! We are eating lots of veggies, fruit, beans, salad, tofu, rices and grains. We are exercising together during the week.
Do you feel you need a change too? Start small, walk once a day, cut preservatives out of your foods, cut back on cheese or give up something like soda or sugar just to see how you feel. Aram and I feel great now that we are making huge life style changes.

Here are some pics of our back yard and some of our gardening!! I haven't build a garden yet but we decided to plan in pots! And things are looking great! I think sometimes we forget that gardening can be done in pots and you can enjoy the fresh picked tomatoes and fresh picked herbs just out of your front or back yard form a pot?
Easy steps to potting vegetables:
1. Pick a pot that is large enough for your plant. If the pot is too large you can add a small pot to fill the bottom space up and then add a few plants to fill the space.
2. Use organic or soil with some compost in it. Plants love compost!! We plan to start a compost soon so we can use our own.
3. Water daily and make sure you have plenty of sun for the summer plants that strive for the sun!
4. And let the kids be involved in the planting and the picking!
Here are some pics of what we have started in our back yard.... like our Teepee?? It is in the making!
Our tomatoes! 4 different kinds all in one huge pot!

Great Soil from whole foods

Beans!! The kids love these!

Our kids love the little Teepee I created, I will get a cloth cover soon but this works for now!