Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things don't always go as planned

So Sat still may be our move day it just depends on if we can get carpet put in tomorrow.  We planned to move Fri & Sat but the minor setback pushed up back a bit. 
Things are looking up today.  Kaela Graduated Kindergarten & we had a fun family day together.   We got the whole place sprayed today and we hope to get carpet put int tomorrow but no final word on that yet.  The kids are so excited to move.  There is a park literally two house down and it is a great park better than most the ones I take them to.  There also is a huge Oak tree which has to be at least 900 years old I will post some pics soon.  It is one of the most beautiful oak tress I have ever seen.  I would love to know the age of it.
I can't wait to get all move in, unpacked & settled so we can start working in the yard building our garden before the season is over!  Thank God it is a late season.
The kids hugging before the flea incident Tuesday

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